The British Columbia Mental Health Inc. telemedicine app provides online and video counselling, couching and referral services to residents in British Columbia. The admission dashboard is used by healthcare workers in hospitals and mental health clinics to manage online appointments and revenue.

  • Insight
  • Get insight on Telemedicine and mental health
  • Apply some of the most common UX deliverables
  • Design a useful and beautiful mobile app and dashboard
  • Project Scope
  • User Research and User Flow
  • User Interface Design
  • Visual Design

Understanding the Product

User Research and Ideation

Research through searching the Web

Due to the shortage of medical specialists across BC-wide, patients who want to seek medical consultation with a psychiatrist initially have to see a general practitioner or a family doctor. A GP then sends a letter of reference to a medical institution if the patient needs to seek counselling with a specialist. A patient can receive a reference from trained social workers, psychologists, therapists, and counsellors. The fees are normally covered by BC MSP for public clinics.

Identifying Different Types of Users

Since all targeted users will try to achieve widely different goals, I identified users and categorized three main groups as follow:

User Flow

The general user flow for three different types of users was built based on the research findings: new patients, existing patients (current patients who have visited the physical clinics before, but have not registered online for the virtual visit), and counsellors. Due to the time constraint, only the user flow for the current patients was implemented into high-fidelity UIs. Please see the InVision prototype.

Product Features and User Interfaces

Chatbot Screen

The chatbot can handle most of the basic questions about appointments, schedules, and tips for mental health. This feature solves the problem of increasing phone calls and lack of staffing available at hospitals and clinics.

Home Screen

At the home screen, a specific user can choose a user category that identified their need. Having the ability to select a channel that serves their purpose right at the beginning helps the user save time.

Booking Screen

Users have the option to pick an availability that is most convenient for them. Appointments are confirmed by email or SMS (or both). Reminders of the appointments are sent out 48 hours before the meeting. (Cancellation fees vary depending on the policy of institutions and clinics.)


Using the web application (Admin Dashboard), staff members of hospitals and clinics can perform administrative tasks such as monitoring the doctors, stats on users (number of doctors, specialists and patients), patients registrations and revenue generated.

Branding Assets

Color Theory & Typography

Purple color is used to recognize and promote awareness for mental health on World Mental Health Day, and it can have a calming effect on the mind and nerves. So, a gradient of purple color is used as the primary color for the applications.

The clean and modern San Francisco (SF font), IOS native conveys the same effect of calmness.

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