Kootour is an online marketplace that provides private, guided tour with highly customizable options for travel enthusiasts. It also helps travellers find experienced local guides.

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  • Web Application

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  • Product Designer
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  • User Research
  • Ideation
  • Wireframes & sketches
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  • Tools
  • Balsamiq
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User Research and Ideation

Challenging Assumption

I conducted two qualitative user research: a focus group and user interviews to find the right market segment for the product and I discovered very interesting facts about Millennials travellers and Baby Boomers travellers.

On the hunt for Millennials Travellers

The research revealed that Millennials were interested in booking online guided tours, so I further explored their travel habits and their pain-points. I ran a contextual research and Guerilla user-testing on our competitor websites to find out how users achieve their goals when they performed different tasks. I developed a task model, analyzing and organizing all the tasks from different users.

Task Model

Mapping out the users' tasks contributed to the process of designing a sitemap.

Initial wireframes are prototyped using Balsimaq.

Product Features and User Interfaces

Designing the Search Experience

Users have high expectations in terms of search functionality because they are accustomed to using great search engines. So, I dedicated extra time to work together with developers to understand the technology used to meet the business goals while designing user-friendly search experience.

Kootour focuses on unique travel tours in Asian countries. So, users can find all cities (in geographical and alphabetical groupings) when they click on the search bar. Both cities and tours are presented as suggestions as users type keywords. Refine search allows users to sort their search criteria to find results quickly. Users are being helped with some useful tips when they receive no results.

Advanced Search
Search Experience on Mobile
Product Page
Dashboard for Local Guides

Building Turst with the users through Branding

Since Kootour was a startup in online tourism, building trust with the customers was the company's utmost priority. So, I used the message that conveyed trust and visuals such as color scheme and typeface that not only appealed to the targeted users but also evoked a feeling of trust to Millennials.



Building the product with empathy for the users give Kootour's business goal: getting successful booking rates. However, what matters most was the success of our team in fostering a deeper and meaningful relationship not only with our customers but also with our local guides. Numerous thumbs up and wonderful reviews prove that.

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